Games FAQ

Here is a list of some common questions i've been receiving in email over the past few months. Please read this before sending me a feedback asking for something. Thank you.

What browsers do they work in? These were originally written to work on Netscape 4.x and Internet Exporer 5.0. They have continued to work without modification as we've moved onto new browsers. I have tested them in recent versions of IE6 and Firefox. Where did XXXX game go? I have no idea.. I have always had the 3 games you see. I suspect but have no confirmation that WebTV is linking to me as my games seem to mostly work with their browser. I however have NO affiliate with them, they're just sending you to my site.

Do you have XXXXX solitaire?
Sorry, no. I wrote these games over 5 years ago when I had free time to do such things. I seriously have no expectations of updating or modifying them in the future.

Where can i find XXXX solitaire?
My best advice is to try someplace like Yahoo! Games. If you are a WebTV user, i guess those probably don't work for you, in which case I can't help.

How do I get on the High Scores
My best guess, is play alot and get lucky. I havn't had a high score in 3 years now, and depending on which game, a certain amount of dumb luck is required.

It didn't score XXX correctly
Are you a WebTV user? My only guess is the reports of this type of scoring is related to the WebTV browser. Whenever I've gotten this report I've verified the scoring options in both a recent version of Internet Explorer and Firefox and its worked fine. Feel free to report it i will investigate it when i have a moment and fix it if I can, but no guarentees

Can you make, update, fix XXX to work? Sorry, no.. Not unless you have a couple hundred thousand dollars to pay me for a couple years worth of my time so i can quit my job and do it :).

Feel free to contact me if you wish.. I may or may not get back to you depending on the subject matter, and on my time. As i've said I have no plans to spend much time improving or maintaining these games. If you enjoy them I'm glad to hear it, they've more use over the past few years than I ever thought they would.

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